Free internet with tsel

September 26, 2011

Tool you may need:

Step by step
.Open your modem aplication or mdma and set the apn 3data
.open wardialer and connect it with working ip adress 182.y (y=1-8). Wait until connect
.open mozilla and set the proxy and port8000
.or use ultrasurf put your proxy and port to the ultrasurf proxy setting and chang the firefox proxy to: port 9666

For the proxy you can search it by your self just type icalcell.blogspot in google.


update firmware Samsung Galaxy Ace on

June 3, 2011

If you ace often hang maybe you can solve i by updating its firmware. the step is:
1. make sure you have the newest KIES version that installed on PC
2. An stable and Fast internet conection.
-don’t use usb modem because it will crash the kies. wih windows vista kies crash at first loading process of firmware
update and with windows XP it will crash at the end of the process.
-if you have no wifi just use your galaxy ace as wifi (tethering)-it work for me
3. Connect Your Ace to PC via data cable
4. A Pop up will show and ask for firmware update. just click update and backup your contact
5. Just wait until the update process about 70% and after that your phone will be in downloading mode
6. Just wait until it completely reboot and you will have the latest firmware.

The download file will be store in your temp directory with *.tmp file(size about 130Mb for DXKC1).
It will be decrypt when the update process begin and will be automatically deleted when the update process successfull.
if you want to get the .tar file, just wait when it decrypt in same folder and it will create an new folder in you temp. copy it as fast as you can.
if you can get the tar file it will make you able to flash it with odin. or you can download it manually from and follow the update instruction from that site.
based on the info from ace forum in a single file *.tar only can be updated if the previous firmware is installed but if you downgrade from the new firmware version so you must find multiple file firmware that contain file modem,csc,pda,ops,boot…

Update 9 november 2011
Indonesia official firmware has been release with new version of Kies
It will update your ace to ANDROID 2.3.4 GINGERBREAD

samsung galaxy ace hard reset

March 16, 2011

Samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830 error problem:
-Samsung galaxy ace always restart and can’t enter android menu
-Samsung galaxy ace always vibrate at boot and can’t enter android menu

solution: only HARD RESET your galaxy ace.

You may want to know how to perform hard reset for samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830 here the way:

1. Press and hold the power and menu key(button that you can press down in bottom center) for few second untill you enter the restore menu

2. After the menu show choose “wipe data/factory reset ”

3a. Select yes and your phone will be restore to default
3b. After finish choose reboot now

4. It will restart. Don’t panic because it take few minute until complete.

5. Don’t panic just wait. If there is no response in 10 minute just release your battery and put it back again and repeat from first step.

-use menu key to select.
-use volume up down to choose the menu.
-make sure u have enough power in ur batttery.
100% work coz it from >50 time key combination trial and error.
damn even samsung don’t write how to do this technique. thanks i have mangenkyo sharingan. wakakkakaakkak

there are 2 other method to reset this phone. it can be done if you can enter the android menu here the step:

1. go to setting~>privacy~> factory data reset.


2. dial *2767*3855#

all of this method will make the same effect to your phone: -“reset your phone to factory setting”

please comment what application that make you phone hang?
this app maybe make my phone hang:
-titan backup pro maybe coz it want to access root
-yahoo messenger 1.3.2 maybe coz it want to online at startup

Although there are some bug in this phone but many of my friend had buy this phone after see i use it. Maybe i have to change profession to mobile phone seller….hehheh… Hope Samsung issue the update for this phone.

Update may 2011:
After reading an article in web i found there is a post about update galaxy ace to gingerbread and tutorial to root this phone. this link will show you that ace has many firmware.if you think that there are soo many bug in you device maybe this tutorial will be the is the link:

smart c700

March 4, 2010

i would like to make review about smart internet speed,but i lack of pulse. the main thing is dont use cdma 2000×1 phone as modem bcoz it very slow. max down speed only 5kb/s. if u a download maniac u must buy the smart usb modem that suppor evdo rev a. the speed up to 80kb/s with idm.

February 11, 2010

last weak i reinstal my lapy win xp sp3 january 2010 edition(sata integrated). The installation was 100% complete successfully without any error. This version is more stable and resist to some virus that working in sp2. If Any people have trouble with other os, i suggest the xp sp3 for full performance.

Install Win XP home edition in lenovo g450

November 1, 2009

Hallo, yesterday i help my friend install his lenovo G450 2937 with windows Xp home edition SP2. Installation history:
1. change the hard disk from ahci to ide mode in bios(press f2) coz the xp has no sata driver (except you has inject it with nlite)
2. make the optical device become the first boot device (bios f2)
3. after the XP installation complate:
3a. instal the all driver that has been provide by the site
3b.make sure u install the intel chipset driver first, becoz that will reconigze all the hardware that attach to the motherboard
3c. install the audio device for is the last step
3d. look at the device manager there will be a unknown pci device.
3e. install the XP hot fix kb888111
3f. the unknow pci device should become unkown HDaudio device
3g. time to install the audio driver that has been provided by the lenovo website
3h. if u cannot install the audio by pressing the exe, u can update the driver manualy by browse it to INF file in the audio driver.
3i. you should instal the latest window installer 4.1 to instal microsoft dot net framework.
4. restart your pc to see do the audio is working
5. done

lenovo g450 XP pro sp2 reinstall

October 25, 2009

i just reinstall my lenovo g450 2937 with all new XP driver that i just got yesterday. all installation running very well. there is no error at all. the last driver i install is the audio driver. all driver working perfectly.

Sierra Compass 885 Simpati

October 24, 2009

just brough the siera wireless compass 885. it cost Rp 590 in JEC. I wanna try this modem in my Lenovo g450 2937. but i cant connect it after i instal at&t connection manager. Apperently it is a mistake to instal at&t con mgr for telkomsel simpati sim card. then i unistall this driver. the correct step to use this modem are:

1. intall the 3g watcher from the cd or downlood it from the website
2. after the installation finnish, u can plug in the usb modem(with simcard insade)
3. open the 3g watcher application it will automatically detect your modem
4. replug the modem to another usb port if windows can’t detect the modem
5. delete all intenet profile in 3g watcher application
6. create new profile
7. for hallo / simpati sim card: profile name: telkomsel, pasword:(blank), user name(blank),apn: internet. and change autthentication the PAP to CHAP, and change the primary and secondary DNS to
8. turn off your firewall
9. connect it— binggo u can connect it now
10. reconnect if get low signal.

if u don make a new profile or use the default profile, u will still can connect but u can’t browse to the net.

Review of lenovo G450 2937

October 24, 2009

Lenovo G450 2937 review
Updated 30 January 2010

Processor: Intel Core2Duo T6600 2,2Ghz, FSB 800Mhz,L2 cache:2MB
Chipset: intel GM45
Graphic card: Onboard Intel X4500MHD-256MB(default setting)
Hard disk: Seagate SATA 320GB 5400rpm
Optical: Matshita DVD RW (popular name: panasonic dvd rom)
RAM: Samsung 2GB DDR3
Wifi: intel wifi link 5100 AGN
Battery: Sony – Rating 11.1v – Capacity:4,05Ah.
Camera: Lenovo Easycamera 0,3 MP – Silicon Motion Inc.
Bluetooth: Broadcom
Lan: Broadcom Netlink Fast Ethernet
Conexant Integrated Mic and audio

USB : 3 Port
HDMI: 1 Port
VGA : 1 Port
Lan : RJ45
Card reader:1 port
PCMCIA card: 1 Slot
Line in: 1 Port
Microphone: 1 port

Screen: 14″ wide Screen LCD backlite
Bios: F2 bios,supply by phoenix (very simple bios like old pc bios)

Lenovo Bag, Charger and Vista CD driver

Mini review:
(Background:Since there is no adequate review on net –
Da** to lenovo and magazine that related to computer that dont provide review for cheap/value laptop)

I just brough this lappy yesterday in JEC fair at yogyakarta yesterday. it cost US$ 699.
After I get this lappy I installed it with windows XP Pofessional SP2 that has been slipstreaming with SATA Driver.
Installation in XP was walking very nice and smooth without any problem except for the Stupid Conexant AUDIO DRIVER. But i bring that lappy to the support center and they help me to instal it in no time. The os installing is successfully completed.Here is the step for install the audio driver:

How to install conextant audio in lenovo G450:
in normal click setup.exe you willl got error messege: cant install because no correct driver for this media bla bla….
to instal it you should open device manager–> Look for unknown device–> righ click–> update driver–> and browse(have a disk install) to your audio driver–> file with “INF” extension is the driver. so make sure to show file extension in folder option. After window copy the driver restart your lappy and binggo the audio will work perfectly.(You dont need to install
XP Hotfix kb888111 if your unknown device has been detected as HD audio..).

(if you download the “exe’ file from the web page you still able to get the “inf” file by extract the “exe” file with winrar)

Lets Go to this laptop Body and Hardware:

-With the grey steel stye, This laptop look very nice.Here some picture of this lappy:

LCD Panel:
-The lcd screen is the bad part of this lappy because it look foggy. it mean it like a thin membrant when you look the lcd
screen(especially if you have no background). The Lcd panel is easy to shake if you typing a little bit hard. I think the
hinge is not soo tight.
-Hey lenovo designer you should think to make a better hinge for next notebook.(Dell d630 is good example fo the great

The Keyboard:
-The keyboard is so comfortable maybe as good as logitec standar keyboard(at least 90% of it softness and comfortable)

The shortcut Key:
-there are five button except the keyboard, that will be:
1. The Power button
2. The Lenovo One Key recovery-but this not working in win xp because the software only for vista or higher
3. Mute button-only using touch sensor
4. Volume up-also using touch sensor, and
5. Volume Down-also touch sensor
The volume sensor using white led background

The Indicator:
-There are 6 white LED indicator:
-Near the lenovo one key button:
1. Cap lock indicator
2. Scarrol Lock indicator
-Near the touchpad:
3. Power Indicator
4. Battery Indicator-will turn into red coluor if the battery status is low
5. Connection/wifi indicator
6. Hard disk indicator

The Temperature;
-During first time Xp instalation the lappy got warmed in left touchpad side and in the middle below of this lappy but it
still in tolerable temperature because we access the harddisk and optical drive to much when installation.
-For the normal use I also feel the left toucpad side keep warming(it is the harddisk position-base on the manual)
-The Everest ultimate temperature read for the normal use:
hdd: 45c
processor core: 45c
1 core :39C
2 core:39 C
– GPu temperature: unknown…..maybe there is no sensor for integrated GPu

The Camera
-Lenovo easycamera 0,3 Megapixel surely not a good option if you like to use video conference. Acer notebook camera is alot of better that this camera. but since i not always use in camera it will be no problem.

The optical drive
– As mention above this laptop use Matshita DVD RW (popular name: panasonic dvd rom) as the optical drive. so far this dvd rom is work very well (maybe the best i ever had). reading and writing to DVD and CD is very fast, but i have no complete Spec for this one. maybe if you have you can post it here. Ssttt my friend using CQ 40 324–> the dvd rom is soo slow. i even can make a cup of tea before it can read a cd rom.

The Battery:
This battery life is abouth 3 Hour(I try with my modem online). If you play games the battery life will be shorter because the GPU and CPu are eating to much energy and become very Hot
Very Very Important Tips:
To get the optimal battery life and Battery Age : please Don’t Plug your battery when you play games-just use your power Adaptor. This secret jutsu (techniq) will make your battery become long lasting at least for 3 years)

The Software:
As I write above, I use the Windows XP Professional SP2 as the OS. When I boot the laptop it only take less than 30 second to enter the windows(after windows XP welcome screen) with avira antivir startup. this amazing fast. To keep this lappy run well i usually maintenace it with tune up utilities. Running warcraft is very easy with this hardware. To see how far this lappy can Go the I install The SIMS 3-it also run well in middle detail setting (high detail make the sims 3 become lag)

Here i show the result for CPumark with cpumark 2.1 (T6600-lenovo g50) compare with T7500-dell d630):

Result from Cinebench R10 for lenovo g450:
cinebench R10
cinebench R10

Result from 3dmark06 for lenovo 450 :…..
ehmm i dont have this software and it to big to be downloaded with my limited bandwith

the other review will come next-oh my god i running out of im3 pulse [T-T] {T-T}……………
loading wakakkakakak……………………….

Hello world!

October 24, 2009

welcome to here i try share my knowledge about gadget that i have. Lenovo g450 2937 and sierra wireless compass 885. thank you