Install Win XP home edition in lenovo g450

Hallo, yesterday i help my friend install his lenovo G450 2937 with windows Xp home edition SP2. Installation history:
1. change the hard disk from ahci to ide mode in bios(press f2) coz the xp has no sata driver (except you has inject it with nlite)
2. make the optical device become the first boot device (bios f2)
3. after the XP installation complate:
3a. instal the all driver that has been provide by the site
3b.make sure u install the intel chipset driver first, becoz that will reconigze all the hardware that attach to the motherboard
3c. install the audio device for is the last step
3d. look at the device manager there will be a unknown pci device.
3e. install the XP hot fix kb888111
3f. the unknow pci device should become unkown HDaudio device
3g. time to install the audio driver that has been provided by the lenovo website
3h. if u cannot install the audio by pressing the exe, u can update the driver manualy by browse it to INF file in the audio driver.
3i. you should instal the latest window installer 4.1 to instal microsoft dot net framework.
4. restart your pc to see do the audio is working
5. done


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6 Responses to “Install Win XP home edition in lenovo g450”

  1. Jestin Joy Says:

    I had a problem with audion ddriver. After reading your article, i could fix it. The unknown PCI device was the problem. Thanks.

  2. Vycko Sky Says:

    I was tried this step and I successed

    Thank you so much

  3. indra Says:

    Thank’s alot, i forget about this thing…. now i can install new windows at my laptop…. thank’s alot with this information


  4. tinjaugadget Says:

    Somepeople said that install the kb888111 first after win xp has been installed on your lappy. Maybe this tip can make the audio working.

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