samsung galaxy ace hard reset

Samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830 error problem:
-Samsung galaxy ace always restart and can’t enter android menu
-Samsung galaxy ace always vibrate at boot and can’t enter android menu

solution: only HARD RESET your galaxy ace.

You may want to know how to perform hard reset for samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830 here the way:

1. Press and hold the power and menu key(button that you can press down in bottom center) for few second untill you enter the restore menu

2. After the menu show choose “wipe data/factory reset ”

3a. Select yes and your phone will be restore to default
3b. After finish choose reboot now

4. It will restart. Don’t panic because it take few minute until complete.

5. Don’t panic just wait. If there is no response in 10 minute just release your battery and put it back again and repeat from first step.

-use menu key to select.
-use volume up down to choose the menu.
-make sure u have enough power in ur batttery.
100% work coz it from >50 time key combination trial and error.
damn even samsung don’t write how to do this technique. thanks i have mangenkyo sharingan. wakakkakaakkak

there are 2 other method to reset this phone. it can be done if you can enter the android menu here the step:

1. go to setting~>privacy~> factory data reset.


2. dial *2767*3855#

all of this method will make the same effect to your phone: -“reset your phone to factory setting”

please comment what application that make you phone hang?
this app maybe make my phone hang:
-titan backup pro maybe coz it want to access root
-yahoo messenger 1.3.2 maybe coz it want to online at startup

Although there are some bug in this phone but many of my friend had buy this phone after see i use it. Maybe i have to change profession to mobile phone seller….hehheh… Hope Samsung issue the update for this phone.

Update may 2011:
After reading an article in web i found there is a post about update galaxy ace to gingerbread and tutorial to root this phone. this link will show you that ace has many firmware.if you think that there are soo many bug in you device maybe this tutorial will be the is the link:


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164 Responses to “samsung galaxy ace hard reset”

  1. tory burch Says:

    so great post for me, thank you very much

  2. KEAT Says:

    the app name “ttpod” also cause my ace hang..damn it

  3. golly Says:

    my phone keep on vibrate even there’s no application is running. couldnt access any menu so i did dial the *2767*3855#

    Voila, it worked out. Many thanks but my datas are gone, but it worked.

  4. jDc Says:

    i have galaxy ace phone and the touchscreen is malfunctioning.
    i’ve tried to reset it to its factory setting(settings-privacy-factory data reset)
    but then the problem is still taps keys or menus all by itself..then it becomes unresponsive after i press the power button it is okay again then after a several seconds it does crazy things you think it is infected by virus??
    i have downloaded apps from the internet

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Hmmm. If it a virus maybe u can install AVG to scan your system. Or try to unplug your sd card coz maybe it corrupt. If problem still persistent just bring it to the service center.

  5. Amit Maheshwari Says:

    I have Idea Prepaid connection in Gujarat. The GPRS settings are activated and I am able to surf net through the preinstalled browser and also able to use the Samsung apps (e-mail & IM).

    However, I am not able to create my account for Android Market and other google apps (Gmail, Gtalk, etc.). Even the News & Weather app is not working. The error says

    “Can`t establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services.”

    I tried manually changing the APN settings, but even that has not worked for me. Infact, after changing the APN setting, the phone is showing ‘E’ over the GPRS symbol.

    Please help.

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      To check ur operator blocking just try with another provider card.
      To check ur account make sure u able to open gmail and login to android market from pc browser.
      Disable: use 2g check mark in network setting. Make sure u have 3 or H connection. G and E, is a bad connection.
      enable the auto sycn in settin. And u can enter ur gmail account in there. Just try it. Hope it work.

  6. Rain Says:

    Help, my galaxy ace always off/down while wifi on position and handset in idle for 15minuits, there’s any solution for it?, thanks

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Anybody can help rain? Maybe u should reset it. And dont install anything first. Just see do the problem still the same. If yes u should go to service center.

  7. John Says:

    THANK U !!! U have save me a trip down to the service centre!

  8. sankar Says:

    Dude great post.u are god for me.Thank u very much.i installed easyinstaller i got its solved i want one help how to install apps on sd card.Please tell me

  9. Maskur Says:

    thank you.
    My gadget immediately cannot enter the home. And must be forced close

  10. Maskur Says:

    Fortunately, i still remember alla applications installed..

  11. Galaxy Ace-ku Error « Learning To Live Says:

    […] Karena waktu sudah mepet, maka lupakan saja kejadian itu, nanti pulang kerja di cari solusinya. Ketika di parkiran, saya sempatkan browsing dengan Nokia 6120c, untuk mencari solusinya. Ternyata nemu artikel ini. […]

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Ooo. Lucky to you. You still have a realiabel nokia phone as backup. Just wait the gingerbread maybe all bug will fixed. has post new about the ace update.

      • tinjaugadget Says:

        Maybe your tw louncher conflic with dolphin. I use dolphin and it work very well. Reset dengan power dan menu saat hp dalam kondisi mati PASTI berhasil. Belum ada sejarah gagal. Mesti anda ada kesalahan prosedur.

  12. visnu Says:

    My Ace was experiencing error, dunno what caused it. So I tried hard reset. After hard reset, it can’t install any application. Do you have a solution?

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Seem your memory card or aplication corrupt. try to reset it again and format your mic sd card and try to download small size aplication from android market. Hope it work.

  13. Ujjwal Kanth Says:

    Thanks dude, you are a life saver. used the number dialing method to reset the phone. Thanks

  14. saransh Says:

    how do we backup all contacts and messages to our memory card before hard resetting it?

  15. saransh Says:

    i actually want to remove my current gmail account because i want to use another one..and it automatically uses the first one and it is so irritating..
    it says i have to restore factory settings but i’d lose all contacts and messages and other data..please help!
    thanks! 🙂

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Go to phone book~press left[beside menu botton] Just export your contact to memory card. After reset you can import it back to your phonebook. Export to sd card will make single file only. I never try to backup messege. Maybe you can forward to another phone or copy to text file. Hmmm…. I dont know if account cant be change. Have u try change account in setting~ account and sync~manage account. I think it should accept account change without problem.

  16. patrick Says:

    Thank you very much. Your instructions were very helpful.

    God Bless

  17. ninetski Says:

    Thank you so much!

    I installed an expense tracker apps but had to uninstall. THEN the messaging icon in the lower portion (call – contact – messaging – applications) just disappeared. I’m miles away from home and no way to go to any service center here.

    You saved me from stress 🙂

  18. galaxy ACE Says:

    my galaxy ace has become very slow ….. what should i do ???? i cant reset my phone coz i 1500 contacts

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Yes you can. Just export your contact to sd card and sent it to your pc or email. After reset you can import it back. Go to you phone book the menu is in there. Read my previous comment for the step.

  19. Says:

    i bought samsung galaxy ace last week. My camera of the phone be lock. How can i open the lock? and how to unlock it again? Pls help~ tq

  20. elkoss Says:

    Yes, my camera in lock mode and i cant do anything. i try to recovey it, but cant. Here nobody cant solve it. TQ very much ~

    Galaxy ACE always hang or be lock. If screen be lock, also solve it wt the same method?? tq~

  21. Maria_a Says:

    mine hangs and keeps buzzing after installing Yahoo Messenger, AVG, and Adobe Reader, must reset and lose all the data again. this is the 2nd time resetting arrrrgggghhhh

  22. robert Says:

    my camera has also locked and i cant use it duz any one know how to the camera lock thing away its doin my head in and i can t take pics

  23. elkoss Says:

    tinjaugadget or Robert,

    Please Please show me where is power key ? in camera mode. Am really helpless. TQ~

  24. elkoss Says:

    U see wat am doing is correct or not~ i open the camera screen, then press the power key at th right hand side for per second ~ rgt?

  25. elkoss Says:

    Tinjaugadget~ tq! u are great~

  26. Eng Says:

    after hard reset will lost the files or app in my phone memory ?

  27. bougant Says:

    after i update my firmware(PDA:KC1/PHONE:KC1/CSC:KC1(XME)), my phone shutdown very frequent.. like after i hangup my call, after text msg.. and etc..

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      It same like me at the first. Then i do combination reset, first with power key and then from setting few times. After that it work fine only restart two time after install facebook n wordpress.

  28. Hayley Wood Says:

    OMG!!! I just wanna say thanks!!! uv help me out loads!!! ur a * cant thanks you enough!!!! thought i was screwed:o) xxxxxxx

  29. Jaideep Singh Says:

    hey u guys thanx for dis mind blowing technique it helped me alot thanx a lot guys u rock

  30. Jaideep Singh Says:

    but i didnt find which app caused dis so can u recommend how can i find?

  31. Sian Wadey Says:

    You are an absolute GENIUS! Thank you so so so so much!

  32. angel Says:

    my samsung galaxy ace stops after the 2nd samsung logo. it stops there and vibrates. i did your procedures and wiped everything and reboot it but nothing happened. HELP! 😦

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Dont panic. Have you select ok to process the reboot? Do the battery power is enough? Have u release the battry for 1 minuete? Have u repeat the procedure because it sometime need a long time to respond and sometime it not respond at all. Just do it again and follow the step carefully. Most off people can do it without problem.

  33. aniket Says:

    Hi, my phone was working alright but i just traveled a different city ..and came back..the next day i cleared the cache for my android market and now it does not works…it says loading but then says network error..I dont know what happened.the internet does work f9.It has got me puzzled..i agn cleared the cache and also clear data as well as force stop my market and other apps as well .pls help..wat shld I do

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Hmmm i never got that problem.. Maybe there is problem with account and sync. Try to log out and log in again. Or change your simcard first than put back your again. Or try connect to a wifii android market. Maybe it will solve the problem.

  34. americanian Says:

    Thankx.. it worked ! 🙂

  35. Pramod Pednekar Says:


    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Ace and I accidentally deleted my contact storage by pressing Clear Data and have lost all my contacts.

    Is there a way where these contacts can be retrieved


  36. Mr. H Says:

    It works bro…so many thanks to you from me…
    damn i was panicked when i got these problems and i use galaxy ace my father’s phone…luckily i found this article…thanks bro…

  37. Edward Go Says:

    i just off my phone n turn it on gain, but after i cant turn it on n the phone was keep staying at 2nd sumsung logo n keep bright n no bright. n i try to hold the menu button n the power button, den the its keep only in til 2nd sumsung logo. tis is my 2nd time, 1st time i go service center to fix it, but now happen again. can u help me?

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Release the battery. Try again to push and hold untill you enter the recovery mode. As long as the phone can boot this step may be work unless there is a hardware failure which only can be solve by going to service center.

  38. saransh Says:

    im not able to install a lot of applications on this phone…
    n i have a 16 gb memory card n internal memory of over 80 mb free…
    cant understand the problem plz help…

  39. dila saji Says:

    u know, i bought this galaxy ace phone today because i was pissed at my last handphone which was samsung wave 575. Well, i actually bought this prepaid broadband (maxis) to use the internet. The problem is, i can’t seem to connect to the internet, i have tried dialing *100# to check the balance of rm25 that i bought last night. And to add up to my anger, the service is unavailable. So it’s either maxis or i’m the one who doesn’t know how to configure my handphone. Is there any chance u can help me?

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Well. U must check the access point in setting. See your operator website. Or download and install aplication “apn manager”. Then if you have working connection u will see a 3g or h or e or g icon near the signal. Beside that there will be up arrow with green light mean upload and down arrow with red light mean download. If no red light it mean u cant go online.

  40. marjolein Says:

    Alle apps worden opgeslagen op het intern geheugen terwijl mijn sd kaart nog helemaal vrij is. Hij geeft een foutmelding aan …ínstalleren mislukt…en dan iets met usb en sd …help

  41. yaya Says:

    hi…is there any way to retrieve deleted pictures?i accidentally deleted the camera folder…help!

  42. frustrated Says:

    with phone on?

  43. Dila Saji Says:

    u left one thing behind. The hard reset can only be done when the phone is off.
    I’ve been pressing the menu and off button while the phone was on. And i’m thinking what the hell? now i got it.
    thanks anyway.

  44. Harsh Patodia Says:

    I am updating my ace using Kies…
    But for the past 1 hr the phone is in download mode only…
    I m tensed..
    What should I do?

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Hehe. Just retry it. In my phone download mode only take few minute. Or you want take a risk by using manual update: odin.

      • cjax Says:

        Hi. I actually got a problem when my APN was activated by my service provider. My network connection became so slow that the former H is no longer appearing its just always E. Then since i am so desperate to get it back to normal, i followed your advise, so i did hard set and nothing has really changed. Now all my apps are gone and didn’t improve my connection. Can you just please tell me how to delete or deactivate APN? So the letter H icon would return again. Thanks will wait for your response.

      • tinjaugadget Says:

        Please make sure u dont check the tickmark ‘in use 2g only’ in setting network. Maybe the problem in your network provider, why dont you try another operator.

      • tinjaugadget Says:

        I cant delete the apn. but u can change the parameter manually in apn setting. Or create new apn, but i afraid when you restart it will back to default.

  45. sam Says:

    May i know if my galaxy Ace hang on the word SAMSUNG during i turn on my phone, is that hanging? what should i do?

  46. Mike Platinas Says:

    I push home button and power but nothing happens, the screen keeps flashing and the ACE doesn´t boot.
    any idea how to hard reset it??

  47. toshiatsong Says:

    I had factory reset my samsung galaxy ace so many times..does it affects my phone performance in any way…coz now i cannot able to upload photos on facebook using stock browser or downloded browser from android market…plz help me

  48. titan Says:

    ttpod and mozat i very hard hang app in my 6120c so i do not longer to use this phone again.

  49. titan Says:

    tell me how to solve s60v3 hang just inbox me at ovi support name: wafipandai k.

  50. Max Says:

    thanx dude, it works

  51. def0 Says:

    apakah aplikasi bawaan seperti voice, gmail, gtalk, market, news, fm radio dan semacamnya akan hilang jika di hard reset? karena sudah beberapa kali factory reset tapi Gtalk saya masih selalu bermasalah… selalu force close


  52. Boainfo Says:


    […]samsung galaxy ace hard reset « Tinjaugadget's Blog[…]…

  53. min125 Says:

    plz help me..
    after download .zip file, install and reboot.. keep saying the program not responding..
    factory reset and wipe data, and it just keep repeat the samsung animation logo n the flashy samsung logo over n over..
    can someone help me plz..
    gingerbread 2.3.4 not rooted

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Sometime it need few time reset to make it normal. Or u there is a problem with your update to gingerbread. But if you have try everything there is only 2 way: bring to samsung sevice center or downgrade your os then you may update it again. You can find many os rom version in samfirmware.

  54. rajdip Says:

    I have install many important apps in phone memory and now i want. reset factory but after do that how can i gate data back which are saved in phone memory?

  55. Seribu Pernak Pernik Ponsel Android Says:

    Seribu Pernak Pernik Ponsel Android…

    […]samsung galaxy ace hard reset « Tinjaugadget's Blog[…]…

  56. Jacob Douglas Says:

    Hiya I’ve read though comments here and have the same problem as a couple of people, my phone is stuck on the Samsung icon when you turn it on, I’ve also tried 3 hard resets as you described. Any ideas what to do next? or just keep resetting it? Any help would be much appreciated.

  57. free government cell phone Says:

    free government cell phone…

    […]samsung galaxy ace hard reset « Tinjaugadget's Blog[…]…

  58. Homer Says:

    My Galaxy Ace Can’t find any network. It reads SIM card fine, just displays “Emergency Calls Only” Yet, for sometime it found a network and some calls came through. Mostly not.
    Any ideas? Where is the damn internal antenna located? Perhaps antennas fault?

  59. dayah Says:

    OMG. You are a total life-saver. In this case, phone saver. Thank you so much!!!

  60. sagar mehta Says:

    i created pattern lock but now i don’t remember it,
    also don’t remember my gmail account,
    i tried home button and lock button but its not working
    so please help me fast….

  61. Nasierah Says:

    Hey. So i did the reset through privacy thingy. After everything, i realised that i couldn’t access my photos and songs. However, they are still in my sd card. So i tried to delete the files and transferring the files from phone to lappie and back to phone. I still can’t access the data. I’ve removed and insert the sd card for a couple of times. Any solutions?

  62. Nasierah Says:

    Hey. So i reset my samusung ace to the factory default settings through the privace thing. Now I can’t access any data from my SD card such as songs from the media player and photos from gallery. But I can access it from ‘my files’. I’ve tried deleting and transferring the files back from my phone to my lappie to my phone. Still nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks. (:

  63. Premprakash V Appu Says:

    My S5830’s Home button is not functioning. By default it should bring up Task Manager for long press. But it is not. Also I am not able to select menu options while I am in “Download” mode. What to do? I tried Factory reset, but it did not give me results.

  64. rajesh Says:

    i samsung ace phones back light blinks even if it is ideal
    whats the problem

  65. sandrak Says:

    i have a huge problem, i take pictures and save them and when i enter the gallery to view them they seem to be corrupted/damaged i dunno why! And when i try to access them on PC same results ! what should i do ? plz help !

    • tinjaugadget Says:

      Maybe sd card corrupt.Have you try another sd card? Or try to save in phone memory! Or try using other camera application in market?

      • sandrak Says:

        I haven’t try another sd card well i guess i should but i bought it brand new it’s like i bought few days ago i expect it to be corrupted or sth. However i can’t save the pix on the phone memory, actually i can’t use the camera unless there’s an sd card inserted (my phone is a galaxy ace)
        Do u think there’s a virus?

  66. zaryab Says:

    my is winding me up please help it says:
    The application Samsung Home (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.
    Also vibrates.

  67. thillai Says:

    Some software r not install in my samsung galaxy ace……..
    Plz give a answer

  68. vishal Says:

    after doing hard reset of my ace no application of my memory card r running. plzzzzzzz help me someone,
    my email is
    reply on my email plzzzz

  69. alexchew Says:

    forgotten about password for samsung galaxy ace how to de activate it please help

  70. cell phones Says:

    cell phones…

    […]samsung galaxy ace hard reset « Tinjaugadget's Blog[…]…

  71. elkoss Says:

    how can i using wifi which need obtaining IP address? how can i set their IP address in Galaxy Ace?

  72. navid Says:

    i just upgrade my android version with android icecream sandwich 4.0 and aftar that it doesnt reboot and only show the samsung log screen with”” down of it.what shuod i do?

  73. Azhuda Says:

    it is any different between gt-s5830 with gt-s5830i?

  74. jon mcconn Says:

    I have a samsung galaxy ace there is no option in to update software in about phone and has an error in recovery mode, i do not have a computer so how do i update?

  75. nitin Says:

    thanx man it worked, it also worked on forgotten google account, thanx man

  76. vaib Says:

    none of the methods is workin. pls help me ;(

  77. Ally Says:

    Hi!!! Mine suddenly just forze, so I did what I usually do with my other phone, got out the battery and waited for a bit. But then the samsung logo just kept going on and on. So I just did exactly as you described and the problem continues. It keeps repeating the samsung logo again and again. Got any Ideas??

  78. Premek Says:

    I tried to restore the phone as you suggested. No succes… Initial logo is displayed and then it just switches off. Maybe I am just puzzled by direction: “Hold Menu key” – on my phone it is not really key, but part of touch screen. I also tried Home key (that real key..), but it did not work either.

    • Premek Says:

      I figured it out. However. it doesn’t help 😦 Adter Data wipe complete, it says E: failed to mount /data Invalid argument. Especially my PC doesn’t see the phone – althought I do have teh right drivers…

      • tinjaugadget Says:

        what u do with your phone? it just hang or hang after you modify?
        what kind of update u use?

        have u use odin for manual update?

        maybe problem is your software in computer?

        if there are a corrupt file in phone master file- it is the time for u to bring it to service center.

  79. sreenath krishnakumar Says:

    Thank You Boss !! U r a savior for me now !! I have been stucked with my phone after installing custom ROM cyanogenmod 7.2 !!! Thanks for ur help man !!!

  80. tinjaugadget Says:

    sorry it a little bit bussy lately. so i not open this forum.

  81. gobo Says:

    hi! i have read your last post but please see if you have encountered this before? my ace enters automatically in the blue recovery menu and i can scroll to the factory reset option but i can’t choose it because my home button doesn’t respond. Any ideas???

  82. Andriod Tablet Pc @ Rs.2,999/- Says:

    Andriod Tablet Pc @ Rs.2,999/-…

    […]samsung galaxy ace hard reset « Tinjaugadget's Blog[…]…

  83. kkk Says:

    i have a problem…my ACE 5830i phone keeps on restarting… i tried the hard reset – power+home key and cannot even get to the android menu… the phoen just goes blank. Any other suggestions?

  84. cool boy Says:

    When i start my samsung galaxy ace it start and hang on samsung how to start ….. Plz help me

  85. hard reset samsung galaxy s | Videos and Tutorial Says:

    […] […]

  86. Mick Says:


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