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update firmware Samsung Galaxy Ace on

June 3, 2011

If you ace often hang maybe you can solve i by updating its firmware. the step is:
1. make sure you have the newest KIES version that installed on PC
2. An stable and Fast internet conection.
-don’t use usb modem because it will crash the kies. wih windows vista kies crash at first loading process of firmware
update and with windows XP it will crash at the end of the process.
-if you have no wifi just use your galaxy ace as wifi (tethering)-it work for me
3. Connect Your Ace to PC via data cable
4. A Pop up will show and ask for firmware update. just click update and backup your contact
5. Just wait until the update process about 70% and after that your phone will be in downloading mode
6. Just wait until it completely reboot and you will have the latest firmware.

The download file will be store in your temp directory with *.tmp file(size about 130Mb for DXKC1).
It will be decrypt when the update process begin and will be automatically deleted when the update process successfull.
if you want to get the .tar file, just wait when it decrypt in same folder and it will create an new folder in you temp. copy it as fast as you can.
if you can get the tar file it will make you able to flash it with odin. or you can download it manually from and follow the update instruction from that site.
based on the info from ace forum in a single file *.tar only can be updated if the previous firmware is installed but if you downgrade from the new firmware version so you must find multiple file firmware that contain file modem,csc,pda,ops,boot…

Update 9 november 2011
Indonesia official firmware has been release with new version of Kies
It will update your ace to ANDROID 2.3.4 GINGERBREAD