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Sierra Compass 885 Simpati

October 24, 2009

just brough the siera wireless compass 885. it cost Rp 590 in JEC. I wanna try this modem in my Lenovo g450 2937. but i cant connect it after i instal at&t connection manager. Apperently it is a mistake to instal at&t con mgr for telkomsel simpati sim card. then i unistall this driver. the correct step to use this modem are:

1. intall the 3g watcher from the cd or downlood it from the website
2. after the installation finnish, u can plug in the usb modem(with simcard insade)
3. open the 3g watcher application it will automatically detect your modem
4. replug the modem to another usb port if windows can’t detect the modem
5. delete all intenet profile in 3g watcher application
6. create new profile
7. for hallo / simpati sim card: profile name: telkomsel, pasword:(blank), user name(blank),apn: internet. and change autthentication the PAP to CHAP, and change the primary and secondary DNS to
8. turn off your firewall
9. connect it— binggo u can connect it now
10. reconnect if get low signal.

if u don make a new profile or use the default profile, u will still can connect but u can’t browse to the net.